Milling and Lathe Operations

Lathe work, Mill work, and good old-fashioned Hand Fitting of parts
This sometimes means using files and polishing tools, the same as previous generations who likely built or repaired that old shotgun.  An abundance of patience and skill are required for this type of work. United Small Arms has both due to our passion. We will take our time to make sure your favorite firearms are cared for properly, as they should be.

To get the most control over the process, we use the slow rust bluing method.

Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic coatings are a great way to recolor your firearm, and to coat a part that is particularly prone to rust.  We can do any color you like and we only use the best products available.

Vinyl Wraps
Have an old gun that you wish was camo without reducing the collectable value of it?  We have the solution!  We can wrap your favorite old firearm with a vinyl wrap, which can be removed if you should ever decide to sell it. Vinyl wraps have the added advantage of resisting moisture and protecting the surface underneath from scratches and dings that inevitably occur from hunting in the woods.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfers
USA charges a minimal fee to conduct FFL transfers for our customers that require this service. Please call to discuss your needs.