Deep Cleaning, Inspections, and Parts Replacement

Deep cleaning
Years of dirt, crud, and rust accumulate inside our firearms and should be cleaned out periodically in order to ensure they can operate safely and as expected.  United Small Arms provides deep cleaning not only for safe and efficient operation of your firearm, but to find any hidden problems or defects that may be lurking.

This is generally done with a deep cleaning.  We all want our firearms to operate safely when expected as we use them or as we pass them along to the next generation.  United Small Arms will inspect your firearm very closely and advise you of any problems that we find.

Exactly what it says.  United Small Arms will use factory parts to fix any broken parts of your firearm. If factory parts are not available, we will try to locate “New Old Stock” (NOS) from a supplier, and if that fails, we will fabricate a new part.

Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfers
USA charges a minimal fee to conduct FFL transfers for our customers that require this service. Please call to discuss your needs.